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Affiliate Network Details

Phone: 1-866-774-9940Email: [email protected]

Number of Offers500+

Commission TypeCPA , CPS

Minimum Payment$100

Payment FrequencyWeekly / Monthly

Payment MethodCheck / Bank Wire / ACH (Direct Deposit)

Referral CommissionUp to $450 per referral

Tracking SoftwareIn-house proprietary platform

Tracking Linkhttp://track.linkoffers.net/z.asp?ID=

Twitter@Flex Offers


Affiliate Manager FlexOffers Email: [email protected] AIM: N/A Phone: 305-999-9940 Ext: 303 Skype: N/A

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Overall 44444
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I earned over $1,000 in October and all of my payment details are in order. It’s not December 6th, so I should have been paid for October by now since it’s a Net 30 payment.

I contacted support, they told me that payments were issued between the 1st to the 7th. I’m getting a little anxious now, but I’ll remain patient until the 7th. I’ll keep you guys posted if they end up paying or not.


Waleed Ahmad Reply:

They didnt paid me and i have been waiting for my payment of $35k since 10 months already..and they dont reply to my emails nor willing to pay..
Please anyone if someone can reach im here to talk about it..


Ron Reply:

Did you ever get paid?


Sifiso Smith Reply:

Were you paid? Did you make a follow up on your commission, I’m asking as a concerned advertiser


Review from

Overall 55555
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The publisher platform that FlexOffers just launched is really smooth and has lots of big advertisers displayed right up top. that’s important for new publishers like me who don’t have all the answers, but knows a big retailer and good intuitive site when I see one. all their top deals are listed there too and the feedback tab o nthe right is great if I need to reach the team. looking forward to growing with them.


[email protected] Reply:

hello bro I want talk to you can you pls knock me my Skype:thompson.clegg – email:[email protected] when you feel free.I hope to work with you!


Review from

Overall 11111
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Their service simply sucks! In case you dare to earn over 1k/month they simply stop payments claiming that your traffic is fraudulent. If you request info about anything they snap some BS to you and close support tickets instantly. I waited for payment over 120 days twice.

Their so called tracking actually does not exist and results are updated once a day.

Same offers are available in other networks with higher payout.

Stay away! All you got from them is a headache. They offer horrible service.


Victoria Harris Reply:

Did u get paid after 120 days?


Review from

Very Disappointed
Overall 22222
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I have a publisher account in flexoffers and i promote some stores but the tracking of sales are really sucks. they told me that advertisers update sales in 24 to 48 hours but something flexoffers ate our sales commision and i think they take money from advertisers in sales and they don’t give to their publishers.


Review from

Big Billy B
Overall 55555
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I love flexoffers. Reminds me of the good days of going crab fishin and getting my clod-hoppers full of mud, always happy. I think some of these posters can’t carry a tune in a bucket, too much rough talk here. All I will say is when I called, I spoke to a lovely gal and she told me they had now over 4000 offers and if I qualify, would pay me net 7 payments, and I could get higher payouts if I could get off the pot, god dang, well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle I told her. These younguns know their stuff, and I reckon, they are worth a try!!!


Review from

Greg Thomas
Overall 11111
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Horrible experience, let’s start with Juan Gomez begging for our volume. Then when comes time to pay, excuses like no other. 6 months now the check is in the mail. They lie about who owns their network, and then I go to their office” a shared space in a community office area”! Our apartment is one block from these morons and they still can’t pay us the $2,000 they owe us.

Don’t trust them, they’re crooks ran by Jenn and Juan Gomez who are good at being rude when you argue for them to pay what is due since January 2014. They can’t say it was fraud cause the etrade offer is ran threw our penny stock newsletters and we already run the same offer now direct with advertiser.

I’ll be standing outside their office today waiting on Juan to give me
The real reason. I’m sure is cause they’re broke and can’t afford to pay us. I knocked of their office they answered but won’t open the door. Sketchy


Director of Customer Service Reply:

Please accept our sincere apologies for any distress that your unique situation may have caused you. Let me also emphasize that your experience is not typical of FlexOffers’ level of service.

We continue to maintain our steadfast commitment to providing all of our publishers with the highest standards of service in the industry.

Thank you for your candid review of our network and our service. We place great importance on the service we provide, especially on the accuracy and reliability of our payments, and your feedback will give us the opportunity to remedy any problem that may exist.

We would like to provide you with assistance pertaining to your unique issue please contact us at [email protected] with details. Once again, we do apologize any inconvenience.


Review from

Overall 22222
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I am an advertiser with FO and have not had much success. I believe they are going through growing pains and having trouble paying proper attention to their advertisers, publishers and the interface that connects them all. We received a lot of obviously fraudulent traffic from FO publishers and it took a real toll on our profits. You must be VERY careful with FO publishers as they leave the vetting up to the advertisers.

They also have reporting issues. After delivering solid evidence of the fraudulent activity, FO removed the sales from our calculated EPCs but not the ton of fraudulent clicks. This is good in that we did not have to payout on the fraudulent sales but bad in that in dramatically distorted our EPCs – for the worse.

Also, we noted that a publisher was sending us leads but was not getting credit for them. FO said we have to work directly with the publisher to resolve the issue. The shame is that this publisher won’t get credit in the FO system for these leads unless FO decides to do something about it. And they have declined to do so. This does not represent good customer support in my book!

Give them a try – your mileage may vary.


joy Reply:

Are you still advertising through flex offers? I would like to know if anything has changed since your post. I was considering advertising through them.


Review from

Jim the Travel Guy
Overall 55555
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I am a FlexOffers affiliate and I can truly say their tracking platform is far superior to most other networks. The customer service is great and they always keep me in the loop as to what is converting best.


Review from

Ana Carolina
Overall 44444
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I truly believe this review forgot to mention the great customer support they have. I have worked with other networks and I know how hard it is to get someone on the phone. My Flexoffers manager is available and gives me good tips too!


Review from

Overall 44444
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I’ve been with FO for about 8 months. I received my checks on time and like their offers. The don’t have everything, but does have a quality selection. Customer Support is good too.


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